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What Puts the Meaning in Your Life?

Posted on the 08 March 2013 by Alizasherman @alizasherman

What puts the meaning in your life?Hitting midlife is not for the weak. But a positive out of getting old(er) is the desire to focus in on what is really important. Looking for meaning, the meaty part of life.

I’m in that fuzzy stage right now, not entirely certain where I should go or what I should do next. I absolutely love my career, my work and my clients. I love my family and have acclimated (sort of) to rural Alaska.

To slake my thirst for meaning and purpose in my life, I’m giving back a lot this year. Last year, I gave to a number of causes and projects through Kickstarter, Indiegogo and other crowdfunding sites, hoping that my small gesture combined with other people’s small gestures would lift someone closer to their dreams.

This year, I’m giving a lot of my time and sharing my knowledge and skills in social and mobile marketing with nonprofit organizations through my impromptu #GiveBack13 Project. (Eight nonprofits served, 44 to go).

What puts the meaning in your life?To shake things up, I’m jumping on an RV tomorrow – #RVSX – to head to South by Southwest Interactive. I wasn’t planning on being there, but when the opportunity showed up in my news feed, I took a leap of faith and signed up.

My mission: I want to see how I can be of service. I will be seated in the Convention Center lobby – pink tiara and boa at hand (so you can find me) – willing and available to offer impromptu consultations about digital marketing. Or just to talk. I hope you’ll stop by to say hello!

What puts the meaning in your life?I’ve also signed up to attend the Good X Global eventGoodxGlobal is a first-ever day of events dedicated to the local and global power of social good, technology and entrepreneurship. Sunday, March 10th 11am-6:30pm, Austin City Hall, 301 W 2nd St in Austin - REGISTER HERE.

I’m not sure exactly what I’ll learn or where this exploration will take me. But I’m open. And I think being open is key.

So…what puts the meaning in YOUR life?

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