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8 Steps to Mastering the Work/Life Juggle

By Alizasherman @alizasherman

I recently presented at the Women of Power Virtual Summit. My topic was 8 Steps to Mastering the Work/Life Juggle. Over the next few weeks, I’ll be expanding on the thoughts I shared in my presentation. Starting with:

1. Reframe

We’ve been brainwashed into thinking that the ultimate thing we should be trying to achieve in our lives is “Balance.” As my co-author of the book Mom, Incorporated likes to say, “Balance is bunk.” Balance is a myth, an unattainable state of being that has no relationship to the real world or what is happening in our lives.

We need to reframe our thinking away from a bar that is constantly moving higher and further away the harder we try to reach it and instead think in terms of something we can actually master: Juggling. That’s what we do when we move between our roles or different aspects of our lives. Our professional sides, our personal sides, our roles within our companies or our families.

Juggling is a skill you can hone over time. And in the natural course of learning to juggle or even when you master it, you may drop a ball or a plate now and then. We’re human. It happens. As long as we know we are doing our best, we just pick up that ball and keep up the juggle. Or we determine that the ball we’ve dropped isn’t essential and can set it aside.

Any juggle is easier with fewer things to juggle. Making the decision to pare down what we juggle can be terrifying because it feels like we’re giving something up or that we’re not good enough if we have to take something away. But sometimes to be the best work/life juggler, you just have to say no to that extra ball or plate or say “not now, maybe later.” It is OKAY to say no to make room for a smoother juggling experience.


How do you handle the work/life juggle or are you still sold on the possibility of work/life balance?

The 8 Steps

1. Reframe

2. Assess

3. Prioritize

4. Sort

5. Flow

6. Systemize

7. Delegate

8. Breathe

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