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What Not To Wear During Pregnancy – The Beginner’s Guide

By Sangeetha

Have you ever wondered what not to wear during pregnancy ?

Are there really any outfit that one should avoid during pregnancy?

Can wearing certain type of dress or make up make you more uncomfortable while carrying?

I would say YES!!

While dressing up the bump is upto ones likes and dislikes, there are certain types of styles that are better to avoid. It is not that it will harm your baby, but it just adds up to your discomfort. Women do have lot to deal while carrying a life inside and who wants to add to it.

What Not To Wear During Pregnancy – The Beginner’s Guide
Why is it recommended to wear comfortable clothes during pregnancy ?

Pregnacy is the time when your body is undergoing drastic changes. Nausea, vomiting, dizziness, morning sickness, those frequent loo visits, haemorrhoids, weight gain..., the list is long when it comes to the discomforts a woman has to face in the process of making herself a mother.

When there is a discomfort we do try our part to lessen it. Dressing properly is one way to feel relaxed and less uncomfortable. I would say it is a treatment to your mood swings too. After all, who doesn't cheer up when dressed comfortably?

Properly chosen maternity wear will be light on you and give proper support to your growing belly. It will cause less irritation due to sweating and heat. A good pair of footwear will help ease the pain in your legs due to swelling and muscle cramps.

Pregnancy fashion is a new trend as more and more celebrities flaunt their baby bumps in designer maternity wears. In the allure of television, expecting women should always remember that people they see belong to the world of fashion. Imitating them and wearing a tight fitted dress/heels or accessories might not just feel bulky but also put you in severe risk.

'One size bigger' dress is the rule we usually follow while shopping for maternity wear. But there is more to be kept in mind about what has to be off the closet while you're pregnant. So here is a list of what not to wear while pregnant.

10 Things that make to the list of what not to wear during pregnancy

#1. Tight Clothing

It's high time to accept that pregnancy body goes through massive changes and it's no more possible to feel as relaxed in the dress that used to feel the most comfortable earlier.

Although wearing a particular type of dress isn't risky or harmful for the baby, however wearing right attires supporting the abdomen allows the bump to grow the way it has to and also makes you comfortable.

Below are the list of things that are not recommended to wear while pregnant:

#2. Ill fitting clothes

Dresses, skirts, jeans/leggings/jeggings or any other snug fitting outfit if worn during the prenatal period causes more of discomfort than the other way round.

With bouts of morning sickness and nausea I don't have to explain how unsettled your tummy will be. Don't give it more pressure by wearing clothes that are tight around the abdomen or waist. When wearing Indian clothes during pregnancy, like saree , don't tie your petticoat /underskirt too tight.

#3.Unnatural Fabrics

Again swelling is one bonus you can get, if lucky, especially by the last trimester. Imagine a swelled painful leg that is tightly wrapped up in a very tight legging. The thought itself suffocates me - so avoid tight cloths.

Hearing the advise to wear loose fitted outfits don't go and shop for over sized ones. I'm not asking you to wear oversized jammies or grandpa tees by saying loose fitted dress.

Wearing right size dress is as important. After all we don't want you to look like a +5 year old lady, and also we know that you'd definitely want to get back in shape after delivery. So you can always carry forward the right sized clothes ahead with slight alterations.

What Not To Wear During Pregnancy – The Beginner’s Guide
#4. Wrong clothes for the weather

Thanks to all those hormonal changes, you will feel more hot and sweaty once you are pregnant. At this stage fabrics that feel easy on skin should be good to go like 100% cotton, cotton-muslin, combed cotton, organic fabrics, linens, khaadi.

Refrain from buying/wearing nylon, synthetics, polyester, elastine, georgette, chiffon. All in all, cottons are the most preferable ones.

#5. High Heels

However if you like a georgette or chiffon gown with cotton liner beneath for example, it can be comfortably worn without any hesitation. Avoid synthetic and non-breathable fabrics so as to feel relaxed.

It is scorching outside but in the anticipation to cover up the bump you have choosen to layer multiple outfits or go for a sweat shirt or shwal over your dress. Avoid it. The bump isn't anything to feel shy about, flaunt it instead of covering it. Dress right for the weather.

In simple words one should avoid wearing woollen/winter wear or full sleeved, warm fabrics during spring-summer or any other climate apart from winter. Vice versa, cover with a sweat shirt, pull over, shawl or sweater during winter.

What Not To Wear During Pregnancy – The Beginner’s Guide
#6. Wrong bra

Swelling in feet, muscle cramps and imbalance - do I need to give more reasons to give those high heels a rest? Also, wearing heels adds to the risk of back aches.

They are also not advisable as the situations turn complicated if one falls or slips because of wearing heels. Not that you won't fall when not pregnant, but being pregnant increases your chances of falling down as your center of gravity changes and you become less steady on high heels.

Choosing to wear flats feels by far comfy and safe than wearing heels.

What Not To Wear During Pregnancy – The Beginner’s Guide
#7. Fancy Panties

Having told earlier how the pregnant body goes through massive changes, breasts are a major part that changes. They become more tender and heavy as the nature prepares them for producing breast milk. In the first trimester you may usually not feel the requirement to update your bras, however in later trimesters you might find yourself uncomfortable.

When you shop for bras avoid padded, underwired bras. Avoid wrong sized bras and once that are not made with breathable materials like cotton.

So what bra to wear during pregnancy? Choose well supported coverage bra/maternity bra that let natural changes take place at their best. Choose cotton material. Correct bras also provides optimum support to your back and shoulders.

What Not To Wear During Pregnancy – The Beginner’s Guide
#8. Heavy/tight jewellery

The hormones that your pregnant body produce can cause an imbalance in the natural bacteria that are in your vaginal area. The vaginal discharge will also be more during this period. Both added together gives you a good chance to catch an yeast infection if proper hygiene is not taken care of.

To avoid an yeast infection or any itching or rash better keep those thongs and silk underwears away. Those synthetic sexy lingere is also not a good thing to wear at this point. Not that you are not sexy while pregnant, just that you need more fresh air and breathable space under there.

Go for cotton panties as other materials can hold too much moisture and be a breeding ground for bacteria.

What Not To Wear During Pregnancy – The Beginner’s Guide
#9. Heavy makeup/hairdo

You feel more stress-free when wearing minimal/weightless accessories during pregnancy. Heavy jewellery including hefty neck pieces, bangles, and earrings should be avoided to lessen the discomfort.

Also make a note that all those weight gain and swelling can make some of your jewellery especially your wedding ring, bangles and anklets tight. Avoid anything tight.

Again, though rare, nickel from white gold can cause allergic reaction during pregnancy. If you are allergic to nickle avoid any jewellery that has nickel.

What Not To Wear During Pregnancy – The Beginner’s Guide
#10. Unwashed clothes

When coming to the use of makeup products /cosmetics or hair products during pregnancy, actually there are no proper studies conducted in this field. Theories are contradictory. While some gives a thumps up for make up during pregnancy others are not so comfortable due to the amount of chemicals that go into these cosmetics.

My theory would be why be sorry later if you can avoid a problem in the beginning, after all it's just for a few months.

Cosmetics that contain retinoid or salicylic acids can cause harm to the baby though not proven. Lead in lipsticks, though in very less quantity, can also be a risk. So keep the makeup light to allow the pregnancy charm on your face visible/uncovered.

Always prefer wearing washed garments to save yourself from any irritation/infection. We may have worn the same pair of jeans without washing it twice or thrice earlier. However this is the time to exercise more precaution.

So what should I wear!!

We know there will be 'n' number of places to attend like ceremonies, family functions, social gatherings, weddings etc. However it isn't necessary to be wearing a heavy work anarkali dress or something that you don't feel comfortable wearing. Thanks to designers having come up with maternity wear collection that consists of everything including western wear, traditional wear, fusion wear and so much to choose from.

Go for Maxi dresses, maternity gowns, shirt dresses, tunics, flowy dresses/tops, layered dresses/tops etc.

For bottom wear, one can opt for maternity jeans/capris that feels easy on your belly, skirts, wrap around skirts, palazzos, straight fit pants, culottes, dhoti/afghan pants, etc. in appropriate size to feel at ease.

Of course nobody ever said to give a drastic makeover to your wardrobe and fill it with only maternity wear once you begin with your trimesters. When I was pregnant, I did pay a visit to a maternity store. However I found myself more comfortable in my old pair of leggings and my striped shirt tunic than the garments I tried out there. So, the idea isn't to find yourself a all new closet for those 40 weeks. Your choices while you shop have to be keeping in mind your comfort and safety and what lasts through the later trimesters.

The matra is to wear something that is comfortable and safe and makes you relaxed while pregnant.

Hope this list on what not to wear during pregnancy will be in your mind while you shop for maternity wear.

What was your favorite style when pregnant? Were you comfortable in all dresses? Did you buy maternity wear or opted for normal ones? Do let me know in comments.

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