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What Must Be Faced When Earthquakes

By Bonsoni.com @bonsoni

What must be faced when earthquakesAs regards natural disasters, we can not stop them, but we can do everything possible to survive if this happens. It is very necessary some common sense on the Needing earthquake coverage. Earthquakes can occur anywhere. You must correct known under different conditions to survive methods.

When there is an earthquake in the cinema, gym and locations. The first action is to remain clam. No messy scream or run. You have to go under a sturdy table and cover your face and head with your arms quickly. Dodging the droplight, fan, etc. temporarily stopped after the earthquake, follow the instructions of work, organized by the vacuum, because it is very dangerous damaged buildings after the earthquake.

If you're. In a bazar, a bookstore or exhibition Stay away from windows and large offices or libraries that could fall. If you are crouching in the tunnel for the movement under sensitive feet, waiting for the collapse of the earthquake.

If you are in class, you can choose to quickly hide under the table class. Cover your head and close your eyes. While waiting for rescue.

If you are in a large building, do not be cut in an elevator, current earthquake and change the alignment of the door, and you may not get out. Iras difficult hiding places during the earthquake an area with strong walls like the bathroom and staircase. Now you must escape route out of the building is very safe.
If you are trapped under debris, cover your mouth with a damp cloth or shirt. Unless you need, do not cry for help, you can inhale dangerous amounts of dust. You need to save energy, if necessary, can be introduced to a pipe or other objects to make noise.

Finally, if you are outside of buildings during the earthquake, stay away from them and a bright living area. water, food, clothing, medicines and other devices: When the earthquake, you need to prepare some supplies occurs. Whatever you do, keep your life safe during the earthquake.

The golden days of Mills and Boon romances

As I am a student at the university, they had often used the public library to explore (and obviously as a meeting place for friends, but we and rsquo;?!, Let's keep this as a separate issue). I realized that there was a whole section of the library dedicated romance novels, and there were so many different types of these novels. There were two whole libraries just full of Mills and Boon novels.
Within these libraries, there were other divisions between types of romance. There were the usual novels that established historical novels at a certain moment of history in the modern world, but often in a century, that was not too far and where women fashion was to wear corsets and voluminous dresses with many buttons and party favors! Then there was the medical novels were set in hospitals or in major cities or in an advanced position abandoned. There were also those who tried to combine the old west with the modern idea of ​​romance.
The only thing you could be sure was that they all follow a standard model and the entirely predictable end, in fact, would be, for many of them, you can let the whole history knows only propaganda rear. I have the habit of reading and found that some were better written than other novels, and soon learned that the authors and rsquo; the style you like. Some of them were quite funny and everyone was very light and easy to read, you can do while lunch to go on your desk or sitting on the bus to work.

Another thing that has always remained was how all the heroes and heroines were described in the same way. The women were all tall, slender but voluptuous, with long legs. They shine hair flowing hair and eyes that change color in their moods depend. They all had the pert nose, thick lips and beautiful skin. It is no wonder that modern women feel you need cosmetic surgery to have to live the ideal of beauty, which he read with growth, so most women some books and Mills & Boon in their lives. The heroines of these novels you need to have a tummy tuck or liposuction.
As for men in these books, they were all good examples of adulthood, with broad shoulders, narrow hips and thick shiny hair, still a little time. His eyes were sharp and always proud nose. The lips were thick (without Botox and fillers and tanned and muscled skin rolling, carried out without exercise. Yeah, right! How many men do you know who fit this description, at least outside the gym Movies!

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