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What is Your Intention? Soul – Twin Flame Awakening…

By Clarkkent07 @lpatterson1017


The foundation of intention….

Let’s find the meaning for this word first shouldn’t we…

An act or instance of determining mentally upon some action or result!

The power of your words has a purpose not just in what you intend to do but how those words significantly effect your reason to be.. In other words how you select what you say and how you make yourself right in doing so would be the purpose of intention. We as a being of resistance have found it necessary to keep this part of what we see as our reality, what if I told you that you have the power within your words to change your existence.

Recently a spell of loneliness seemed to be the cries of what we all feel from time to time. These cries of no one is listening, no one is here with me, I need a new existence, I am so tired of being alone.. We forget the power of these words, we don’t see the impact of what these words mean and how these words can instantly show you the proof to make you right about being wrong in anything.

If you spent the day feeling you weren’t alone and you were connected to what you want.. wouldn’t the choice of words instantly bind you into a different state of energy that you may be giving off that have kept you alone. Do you see the power of intention in that?

How about the uniqueness of it? The intention of being stuck in a word process of regret, or anger, or resentment, or even the choice to not even see that these words have significant weight are exactly why these things happen. We seek the answer to a question that is the answer.

Here is something for the view of where this sits… I can’t be with my twin flame.. ok that is fine… those words are a dictation of a self absorbed entity that you can or can’t see. You make this about the other person not seeing the barrier you have created inside yourself hence even if they came to you and wanted to be with you something in you which is resisting this is felt in the words created in energy form. The act of protection, the act of making them wrong for not choosing you. These are the elements of the words that intend to make it true. I can be with my twin spiritually… Ok so what does that mean exactly. That what you have made up inside you is what the connection is that can’t be brought into the physical? How do you revert to what the truth is when it comes to the power of intention. Do you intend to heal with or without your twin based on this statement?

You can’t heal anything with that as your means to an end… The end will continue because you don’t see the rebirth of what it is trying to show you. So many different ways you will find something in you to deny this or make this the reason you can’t see the suffering of your intention.. Shouldn’t the suffering end with intention.. Your intention to no longer suffer! A mental block in the process of forgiveness will keep you stating the obvious.. you will not get what is truly yours until you surrender to suffering.. The suffering of the thoughts that say I am alone, I am without, I am not being heard, I am not understanding the choices the other person makes which don’t include me. These are the lines that are drawn in your words which translate into actions.

Here is something you can do.. Take a statement you made recently.. any statement.. Now that you have that statement about what it is that is happening to you or you hold someone responsible for. What is it that will release you from it?

If you say I am love and irresistible wouldn’t that love find it’s way to you? Are you sure that the reason you aren’t with your twin is because you can’t see how you need to this message will emit from inside you as your belief based on the weight of these words becoming your mantra. It is a very powerful feeling to be right about being wrong.

How about what will make your right about being right?

Love deeply

Your soul….

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