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What Is The Transporter Really About?

By Newguy

What is The Transporter Really About?cating card

This will just be a fun look at this action film.

Jason Statham follows up his supporting roles in Action film The One and Mean Machine taking the leading role in an all or nothing action film which would have easily made or broken his career.

the one

An alarm to wake us up after the trailers and to show just how to the second Frank is.

alarm clock

Frank follows all the rules including seatbelts and number of passengers his car can have.


Slow motion car chase with close ups to make the car look like they are driving extra fast.

close up

We now know Frank Martin is the best getaway driver in the business.

best for business

This film sponsored by Tiger Beer.


We see tension between a curious Inspector and Frank to build a potential alliance.

onto you

Frank takes a new job that seems easy drive a package across country.

easy job

The package has somebody inside which pushes Frank to break his own rules by looking inside.

breaking the rules

Frank loses his ‘I only play by the rules mind-set’.

Frank gets double crossed leading him to go on a knee cap spree as we clearly see he doesn’t like using guns.

double crossed

Frank brings his work home because that seems like it will be a good idea, right?

work from hime

Backstory in photos because this was before Jason Statham was that good of an actor.


Lai has got Stockholm Syndrome.


Bullets come for a stone wall better hide behind a wooden door.


Come with me if you want to live?

come with me

Random sex in a stranger’s house after surviving attack on house to show this is like James Bond but not.


The truth about why Lai is being transferred giving Frank a chance to redeem himself.


Never listen to a woman because she will always get you in trouble, well that is Frank’s new moto.

never listen

I am going to turn my back for couple of seconds so you can go and solve this crime you own way.

look away

Dramatic slow jumping show Statham might have learnt a few things off Jet Li.

jet li

Jason Statham loses his shirt for the second but this time it is for oil wrestling, well ladies enjoy this one.


Roundhouse kicks for everyone.

round hosue

Parachute entrance.


Kill the bad guys, save the day well that is the plan competed right?

saves th day

Well this is a short film without much to really rip it enough, but next time we will have more.

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