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What is the Password?

By Twotimesthefun @slcs48n1
Our laptop is password protected so the girls cannot log on without our knowledge.  In her quest for more independence, this drives the blond twin crazy.  She has started trying to figure out the password.  It's her mission now.
She comes up with all kinds of possible password combinations that are both funny and intriguing.  Sometimes the words are a glimpse into her attitude.  Other times she gets a little too close and I have to redirect her thinking.
Today Daddy might have put an end to it.  At lunch she made a guess and said, "I think I'll try a few ideas next time I want to log on."  Daddy said, "If you put the wrong password in too many times the computer locks and we cannot use it any more."
He is so smart isn't he?  The blond twin immediately decided to put the password issue aside.  Now instead of trying different combinations in the computer she's trying to catch my off-guard by asking me at random times.  When she thinks I'm distracted she says, "Mom, what did you say the password was?"  So far I've been able to just smile and laugh.  Of course, one day she'll get me at a weak moment and I'll tell her, which means I'll have to change the password and we'll start the game all over again.

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