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What Is The Hottest Pepper In The World?

By Gerard @presurfer
What Is The Hottest Pepper In The World?image credit
In February, the editors of The Guinness Book of World Records announced that the Infinity chili, grown by Nick Woods, the proprietor of a hot-sauce company in Lincolnshire, England, was the hottest pepper ever - more than 250 times as hot as Tabasco sauce. Just two weeks later, Guinness declared that the Infinity had been unseated by another British-grown hybrid, the Naga Viper.
Then things got complicated. Both peppers were sent to be tested for spiciness at the horticultural research center at the University of Warwick, and the results were submitted to Guinness. But Dave DeWitt, the founder of Chile Pepper magazine, author of 35 books about chilies and an adjunct professor at New Mexico State University, flatly dismisses the Guinness record as well.The Presurfer

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