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What is RED Really About?

By Newguy

What is RED Really About?casting card

This is just a fun look at this movie so take nothing too serious.

Bruce Willis is retired wondering around his house, so pretty much his real life acting career nowadays.

tired bruce

Bruce Willis chatting up the girl at the call center he clearly has never met just feels awkward.

call cnere girl

Great this is a freaking Christmas movie.


Bruce Willis only has one friend and that is the call center girl Sarah to a level that could be considered stalking this is getting extra creepy now, this is meant to be an action comedy right?

one friend

Frank’s cover is blown as he needs to use his quick getaway tactic, good job he wanted a midnight snack.

cover blown

Bruce Willis turns up unannounced at Sarah’s house, ok this is reaching a new level of stalking which should include jail time and she kidnaps to top this off.

too far

The cool Dredd is here playing cop and loving father, whose latest job is now to kill John McClane.


Morgan Freeman is a horny old pervert who used to work with John McClane and has to help him work out who is trying to kill him.

pervert freeman

Even Judge Dredd can’t out think John McClane who ends up framing him.

dredd v mcclane

Taking Sara across State lines that means this is now a Federal case.

federal case

Random hitman tries to kill Morgan Freeman.

kil morgan

Secret records room for top secret mission folders.

secret room

Sarah has Stockholm Syndrome because accepting of her captive’s mission.


John Malkovich literally flies onto the screen for this crazy sidekick character.


Malkovich adds all the comedy to this film including taking a stuff pig around with him.

malkovich pig

Airport shoot out to show just how good these hitmen are with their weapons.

Time for a meeting with an old enemy that is now a resource of information.

enemies working together

Breaking into the CIA, well Tom Cruise did why not John McClane?

tom cruise

Grandpa jokes, oh come on Dredd you’re better than this.

grandpa jokes

John McClane goes to break out The Queen to fix his shot arm well this is like an old persons version of Expendables.


Richard Dreyfuss isn’t hunting sharks in this movie.


These cover-ups are getting too predictable when it comes to see how the government kills people for fun.

cover up

Self-sacrifice well this is original.

self sacrifcee

You kill my girlfriend of 5 minutes I will kill your family, well this just seems harsh not going to lie especially as he stalked her for years.

escolated quickly

This scene in the Vice-President’s diner feels a lot like an Ocean’s movie with the slickness between each character handling everything to prepare for what is meant to be happening.


This shoot out is way too long with silly amount of bullets going off.

bullet pile

John Malkovich with a bomb strapped to him reminds me of an old version of Deadpool.

malkovich bomb

It was me all along, how did you not see it?

it was me

Time for a sequel well the film decides to blow the rest of the budget in the end credits scene and the only film ever set in Moldavia.


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