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What is PPC (Pay Per Click) Advertising? How Does IT Work?

Posted on the 01 June 2021 by Uplarn @UPLARN_MEDIA
What is PPC (Pay Per Click) Advertising? How Does IT Work?

You might have seen ads if you have tried searching for a product or service on your search engine or on online shopping platforms. You might have also seen ads on social media platforms. All these ads come under pay-per-click marketing strategy taken up by the businesses.

What is PPC (Pay-per-click)?

The PPC is the most common advertising model over the internet. In this, you can place your ads on search engines, social media platforms, etc and pay an agreed fee to the platform whenever a user clicks on your ad. So it is basically a way of buying visits to your products or services rather than acquiring them organically.

How does it work?

Building a successful PPC campaign is not a cakewalk. A lot goes into it. One needs to select the right keywords, organize these keywords into organized campaigns and as groups and set up landing pages that are optimized for conversions. Search engines charge less for clicks for campaigns that are created intelligently. This means if your ads are relevant for the users, Google charges you with less amount per click leading to higher profits in your business. So, it is imperative that one should learn about it's working before getting started.

There are various platforms and ad formats but all of them work in a similar process. Firstly you sign up to an advertising account with the platform of your choice. Simply start creating your ads and set the maximum cost you are willing to pay for each click. Your ads then go into an auction with those of your competitors for the same keywords. The result of the auction determines the placement of your ads on the search result page for the particular keyword you have bid on.

At the right conditions, PPC fee becomes insignificant as the visit it gains ends up bringing a worth more than that fee.

What are the advantages of PPC advertising?

Over the period of its introduction into the marketing world, PPC advertising strategy has shown reliable and profitable outcomes for various businesses starting from B2B companies to companies who look for a quick and quality traffic for conversions.

It is always better to know the usefulness of a tool or in this case marketing strategy before diving into it. Here are the benefits of PPC advertising:

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