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What Is Minimalism?

By Tanvi Rastogi @tanviidotcom
Work Week Wardrobe
Last week I had shared my favorite minimalist brands with you. Someone asked me a great question there: What makes these brands minimalist? I thought I will make that my topic for this post.
Minimalism looks differently for different people. At the core, minimalism is the pursuit of freedom that is expressed by focusing on the essential and eliminating the non-essential. Minimalism in fashion is much more than a use of single color or a trend of simplicity. Building a minimalist wardrobe is redefining the way we think about shopping for apparel and in-turn dressing.

What makes those brands minimalist (in my opinion) is the straight lines, classic cuts, and ever-lasting trends. Their collections are built to last you for years. You invest in the pieces which create a wardrobe for you which can be mixed and matched in numerous combinations. And that is the purpose my weekly Work Wardrobe Series as well - to show and, hopefully inspire you on how to have limited seasonal pieces in your closet (I have some from over a decade back) and how to continue to get mileage out of them for years.
The art of minimalism is this: It helps you realize just how much you need in your life to be happy. And, as surprising as it may seem, you'll always need less than you think. Building a conscious, minimalist wardrobe is a journey like anything else in life. It is full of learning curves and adjustments. Work Wear Wardrobe - X


Work Week Wardrobe
  Shirt | Skirt | Shoes

Work Week Wardrobe
  Skirt | Shirt | Shoes
Work Week Wardrobe
Top | Pants | Shoes
Work Week Wardrobe
  Shirt | Pants | Shoes 
(Casual) FRIDAY
Work Week Wardrobe

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