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What is Google Enhanced Autocomplete Box? And, How It is Important for SEO?

Posted on the 16 January 2022 by Gaurav Kumar @vhowtodo

Since December 2021, SEO experts have noticed that Google is testing a new feature in the search box.

We call it an enhanced autocomplete box.

When you type something in the new enhanced autocomplete box, you will see a column displaying "People also ask" and "people also search for" on the right site.

We can call it an expanded, new, enhanced autocomplete search box.

Google is not commenting about the new enhanced autocomplete box as the system is still under testing.

But we have noticed some interesting things in the new autocomplete feature.

Even though we do not have the full story about what Google is planning with the new autocomplete box, SEO experts are starting to utilize information displayed in the autocomplete box for topic research and keyword research.
Today, we will understand more about Google's New Enhanced Autocomplete Box Function:Google is not displaying the same feature for every search, but you will see great results for some general topics. What Google Enhanced Autocomplete Box? And, Important SEO? A new expanded autocomplete box appears, displaying important information for the users and marketers.

Where on the left side, you will see autocomplete suggestions. You will see what Google finds important for that query on the right side.

  • The "People also ask" section displays the 3 most searched questions.
  • The "People also search for" display you the brands people are searching for.

Where Google result is already displayed, you will see more suggestions in autocomplete to give you an idea of what more you can search for.

Google has expanded autocomplete box to add more relevant information for the user.

In the autocomplete box, you will see more important information extending the user's interest in the result.

You can leverage an enhanced autocomplete box for your digital marketing strategy.
Enhanced Autocomplete box reveals a lot of important information for digital marketers.

To check organic results, you can use Google search normally.

You can use this information to do topic research and keyword research.

How to Use Google Enhanced Autocomplete Box for keyword and Topic Research?

What Google Enhanced Autocomplete Box? And, Important SEO?

Google displays the most accurate and authoritative information in the "people also ask" and "people also search for" sections.

What Google Enhanced Autocomplete Box? And, Important SEO?

How to do Keyword research Using the Enhanced Autocomplete box?

When I searched "Burger," autocomplete display results related to burger incomplete suggestions, Questions is, "People ask for" section and brands in the "People also search for" section.

But regular show the normal result like this.

You'll find out what you should do better, including domain rating, backlink opportunities, keyword gap, and backlink gap.

Normal searches display the location and websites of Burger shops or businesses but enhanced box display brands that can serve burgers.

If you look from the marketer's eye, you will see the opportunity to analyze competition and competitors' websites using meta information, headings, user experience, and on-page SEO.

What Google displays in "People also ask" shows what is most important for that topic.

You can use the tools like SEMrush to run competition analysis.

These content suggestions can help you create authoritative content and boost content ranking.

Google displays the most trusted results in the autocomplete box, which is the right opportunity to go after those brands.

How to do Topic research Using Enhanced Autocomplete box?

You must use autocomplete results and include every important question in your content.

Google gives hints on what you can do to improve user experience and search ranking.


SEO media reports say that Google is testing many new features to improve SERP. This time Google is trying enhanced autocomplete box to find out if users find the results interesting or not.

Users tend to digest every change that Google made permanently.

According to Google, SEO professionals should update their content and marketing strategies.

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