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What Is Covered by My Car Insurance?

Posted on the 31 March 2014 by Webforjason

car insurance coverage

An automobile accident can be a traumatic and devastating event, even if all the expenses are covered. While mandatory auto insurance laws vary, the state of Washington requires a minimum liability coverage, which protects you in case there are injuries and damages caused by your car.

It’s much safer to choose an insurance policy that protects the car and everyone in it, regardless of who may be at fault. A good policy, such as one that offers personal injury coverage as well as comprehensive and collision coverage, can protect you and your loved ones from a financial crisis in the event of an auto-related incident.


On an insurance policy, you must agree to pay a certain amount on any claim filed before the insurance company will pay the balance of the claim. This is what we all know as the deductible. Policies vary on the amount of the deductible, with lower deductibles usually coming with higher premiums.


Damages can occur to a vehicle in a number of different ways. The first thing that generally comes to mind is an auto accident. This type of damage is often expensive and may require replacement of the vehicle.

If the damage in question is to another person’s property and you or a family member is responsible, property damage liability covers the costs. This is usually one of the minimum requirements included in mandatory auto insurance laws by most states.

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