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What is Condensation ?

By Futli @futlim

Condensing Boiler

What is condensation ?

Condensation, hot water and heating water used in obtaining the latest innovation in technology.
With a special heat exchanger concentrate the latent heat of condensation in vapor recovered for the chimney condensing boilers are more efficient than conventional boilers.
According to traditional heating systems, saving energy.
The emission values ​​according to the normal combustion CO’da 80% and 90% lower than Nox’de.
In this way, which saves natural resources such as energy, the environment also is well protected.
The device turned on and off the desired hour.
Room thermostat, program the desired time and room accessories such as time, makes it possible to achieve the desired temperatures.
The development of technology, quality standards, the continuous growth of the market rise and boiler, high efficiency, low emission, advanced options, offering comfort and features of boilers to take place in the market have led to the development.
Hermetic links with the environment that does not consume oxygen difference combis created ilede easy mounting options.
However, boiler applications, the applications of steel flue boiler start-up costs, costs incurred for the provision of central boilers and boiler room ventilation standards have reduced the demand every day.

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