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What is a First Look on a Wedding Day

By Seangannon

What is a “First Look” on a wedding day?

A “First Look’ between a bride and groom is when you see each other before the ceremony and spend some quality time together. In the US, having a ‘First Look’ is quite common especially during the hotter times of year where the ceremonies are later in the day. Now that you can get married later in the day in the UK, “First Looks” are becoming more popular here too. So what is a “First Look”? Typically on your wedding day, the first time you see each other is when the bride walks down the aisle. If you are having a late ceremony and want to spend some more of the day together, you can see each other before the ceremony. Of course you still want that first time to be something special. I always set up a first look in a environment where the groom doesn’t know where the bride is coming from so he is properly surprised and we get a natural reaction. Its a lovely time between the bride and groom and a very special private moment. Once you see each other, you might even get some time alone before you see your family and friends!

A “First Look” on your wedding day is a lovely private moment.

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