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What If You Forgot Your Dates Name?

By Killmenow @lbigfoot

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What If you forgot your dates name?

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I was watching an episode of Mad Men and Donald Draper walked past a secretary and said, “Morning Donna.” To which she replied, “Allyson!” A mistake, of course. The secretary was not his, but he forgot her name. Not a big issue of course, in a big office. However it got me wondering, what would happen if you forgot your dates name!

Assume you are on a date and you happen to like the girl. What would you do if you forgot your date’s name? To start calling her honey, or darling, or any pet name seems ridiculous, although some women just call everyone, “Sweetie.” When someone calls me honey, or sweetie, I often wonder if they remember my name. This is OK, of course, but not when you are on a first date. I am terrible with names. I can remember telephone numbers and dates, but not names. I could easily forget my dates name. Reminds me of the joke where two men are sitting around at the dinner table and their wives are in the kitchen.

John said, “We went to an excellent restaurant last night.”
Fred asked him, “Oh really, what was it called?”
John then said, “I don’t remember, I am terrible with names. What is the name of the flower that men give women?”
Fred looked at him and said, “Do you mean a rose!”
John smiled and called out, “Rose, what is the name of the restaurant we went to last night?”

It got me thinking of a Seinfeld episode in which he forgot his date’s name. He tried to be humorous about it.  She replied, “What do you expect when your name rhymes with a part of the female anatomy?” Then he and George tried to work out her name.

If it ever happened to, I would say, “I never forget a beautiful face but your beautiful name has skipped my mind. Please put me out of misery.” She would probably pull out her pistol and shoot me.

What would you do if you forgot your date’s name?

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