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What If He Said NO to More Kids?

By Therealsupermum @TheRealSupermum


What if he said NO to more kids?



You’ve met the love of your life, Your finally feel ready to settle down. You decide to approach the subject of having a baby with your other half.

He simply responses with ‘NO’

What do you do ? What do you say ?. Would you leave him and find somebody who was willing to allow you to become a mother ?

Many people automatically believe that everybody wants to have children at some point during their life.

That is not always the case some may have health problems that prevents them from becoming parents, others choose a career and some simply have no desire to have children.

What if your other half simply didn’t wish to become a father. Would you still love him and carry on spending the rest of your life with them hoping that at some point he may change his mind ?

Many believe a child ‘completes’ their relationship but would you risk having a baby with someone who so strongly is against it?


Let us know what you think …


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