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What If?

By Ashleylister @ashleylister
Not much to say for this one but I have written a children's poem for a change.
What if?
What if? What if I were a bird? Would my fear of heights inhibit me? Would I sit on a branch In a trance Until a cat climbed up and murdered me? What if I were a mole? Would my claustrophobia cause me stress? And would the lack of Vitamin D Have an adverse effect on me? What if I was a chimpanzee? Would my arthritic finger cripple me? Would I swing through the trees But tumble down And break my back on the stony ground?   What if I was a chameleon? Would my color blindness be cause for concern? Would my camouflage fail Exposing me To predators who’d make a meal of me?   What if I was a hippopotamus? Would my hydrophobia be disastrous? If I couldn’t wallow – down in the hollow I doubt that a mate would follow me. But I am a human being you see And my defects have little effect on me. I may not be perfect But I’ll survive. I am just grateful to be alive.  Thanks for reading - Adele   Email ThisBlogThis!Share to TwitterShare to Facebook


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