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What I Wore In Mexico City

By Tanvi Rastogi @tanviidotcom
Mexico City Lookbook
I get so caught up staying in the moment (which is a good thing in my books) that the content I share on the blog is seldom current. In today's post I am sharing my outfits from the trip i took earlier this year to Mexico City. P.S. While this is not a travel post, I just want to say that if you haven't been you MUST visit. I am in love with that city and knowing that it is only a short flight away gives me a lot of joy. 
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Now on the the good stuff - fashion! I have been harping on and on about comfort, minimalism and personal style. I have used my posts to walk-the-talk and show I apply these concepts in my fashion choices through out the year, in my daily life as we as in my travels. My goal in life is to drive decisions through intentions and not trends or "in-things". [ Related: How To Decide What To Pack ]
So in today's post I am sharing how I maintain my personal style consistently:  1. Three words I use as a guiding light while making any additions to my closet or while putting together a look are - Comfort | Clean | "Me" - As you know comfort is the key element in all my outfits so no matter what that's the first criteria. Second, I like pieces which look clean and symmetrical. Even when going for a statement item, I need the end result to look 'clean' and fuss-free. Last but not the least does it look 'me'. That's the personal element. Having evaluated my style and myself over a number of times in the last decade, I know 'me' and I need the look/piece to be in sync with that 'me'. 2. Repurpose. Repurpose. Repurpose. - Once you have a closet of things you have purchased with intention you can't help yourself but revisit those pieces over and over again. It is like when you buy something with a lot of love you cannot get enough of it. If you have seen my outfits over the years and you can tell I have been wearing a lot of the same pieces around here over and over again. There is no shame in repeating. There is only pride. 
DAY 1 Mexico City Lookbook  TopJeans | Shoes
DAY 2 Mexico City Lookbook  Top | Jeans | Shoes
DAY 3 Mexico City Lookbook  Tunic | Hat | Shoes DAY 4 Mexico City Lookbook Dress | Sunglasses | Bag
Travel Outfit Mexico City Lookbook Top | Jeans | Shoes 
All I can say is that coming up with a minimalist approach and finding your personal style is probably one of the best things you can do for yourself. You’ll save some time every day on making irrelevant decisions and you’ll look good consistently which is the end goal. Isn't it? 

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