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What i Wash My Face With..

By Malin
WHAT I WASH MY FACE WITH..Dr. Bronner's 18-in-1 Hemp Green Tea Castile Soap: I use this to wash of the makeup oft my skin every night. I recently decided to try and change up my overall skincare routine to try to incorporate more natural products. Dr. Bronner's soap was one of the products I wanted to try after first seeing it in a video on CloudyApples. It allegedly can be used in 18 different ways, I'll have to list them for you. It's a very versatile soap if I may say so. The soap is organic and it's a quite strong soap, it can make my face dry sometimes, but it definitely cleans the makeup off my face.
Avalon Organics Vitamin C Refreshing Cleansing Gel: After I wash off my makeup I use this cleansing gel from Avalon Organics to be sure that my face is really clean from any dirt or makeup. So I basically use this after washing my makeup off at night and in the morning I also cleanse my face with only this. Vitamin C is good for your skin because it helps your skin repair itself and gives skin its firmness and strength. I like this because it calms my skin over night, I can go to bed with red noticeable marks and wake up with them looking less red and less noticeable. It also feels gentle to massage into my skin after using the Castile soap. First off I was using the cleansing milk version, but accidentally picked the gel instead of the milk cleanser when I was going to repurchase from iHerb. Clumsy thumbsy. But it was just as great - even a little better for me as cleanser.

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