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Posted on the 29 July 2014 by Georgewhite @georgew28573812
Posse (1993) - Neo-blaxploitation western with plenty of epic visuals by director/star Mario Van Peebles. The likes of Pam Grier, Isaac Hayes and as the narrator, Woody Strode crop up, as do Richard Jordan and Billy Zane as the striking "man" villain.
Sleuth (2005) -Why remake this when the original was perfect? Shite, and without the creepy amusements.
The runway (2010) Irish "heartwarmer" - pilot crashes in Cork, village helps him fly off. Why did they subtitle the one kid and not the other kid, or any of the townsfolk, even though they  were understandable, being the likes of James "The Stone Tape/Doomwatch - The Movie" Cosmo and Pat Laffan, alias Father Ted's nefarious milkman, Pat Mustard. I understand it was for international audiences, and being a self-styled knacker myself, I understand traveler voices, but I felt it was too heartwarming and not funny enough. My heart is usually lukewarm. Hence why it is called "Christopher Biggins".
Eastern Promises (2007) - Cronenberg does a London gangster movie, with Russians instead of Danny Dyer. Viggo Mortensen, the man who shows the uprise of New Line by being in both "Texas Chainsaw Massacre 3 - Leatherface" and the Lord of the Rings trilogy plays a Russian crook. He is brooding and deadly but . I find it slow and underwhelming, and dull. Do a Brood 2, Dave!

Firebirds (aka Wings of the Apache, aka Firebirds - wings of the Apache) - Top Gun knockoff with Nicolas Cage and Tommy Lee Jones, by the bloke who did Buster (1988) with Phil Collins. Not enough action. Boring and not exciting enough, with no clear adversary. A social drama disguised as an action flick.
Crying Freeman (1995) - Manga adap. Japanese bloke played by Mark Dacascos is a crybaby who weeps when he kills. He falls in love with the madly-named "Emu" O'Hara anime-looking chick (Julie Condra off Eerie, Indiana (1991), with hair dyed to look half-Asian) and Mako (who some would know from The Sand Pebbles (1966) but I know being Donald Sinden's comedy Eskimo sidekick in the Disney film The Island At The Top of The World (1974)) turns up as a Yakuza boss. Good action and good visuals by director Christophe Gans, but has delusions of grandeur.
The Siege of Pinchgut (1960) - The last proper Ealing film, an Aussie-based heist thriller with Aldo Ray, Heather Sears, the heroine of Hammer's Phantom of the Opera (1962) and the likes of Alan Tilvern, Victor Maddern and Richard Vernon (at 34, still looking old even beardless and with a toupee) getting around Aussie accents. Great Sydney photography. Tense and noirish.
Lord Jim (1965) - Peter O'Toole is a seaman. Jack Hawkins, Paul Lukas, James Mason, Akim Tamiroff, Andrew Keir, Noel Purcell, Curt Jurgens, Eli Wallach, a good cast.But dull, by Crom, its dull.

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