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What I Learned From The Internet This Week (So Far)

By Guerrillamom @mariaguido
Every week I learn a little something new on the Internet. This is what I've learned so far this week...
Nobody gives a shit that there is fish in Muller yogurt. I find that confusing and also disgusting.
Hooters is a totally appropriate place to have a middle school awards ceremony. I shouldn't be too surprised by this one - my mom loves the wings.
There's a creepily-professionally-styled video about a fox that everyone loves. Pretty much everyone in the world has seen this but me, so I'm sure this isn't news to you. All struggling musicians want to throw themselves off a cliff when they see it. (I'm guessing).

Here's what I didn't learn on the Internet this week:
How to fix my stupid fridge that broke with no warning.If bronchitis is contagious. How to stop a toddler's nose from running constantly.

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