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What i Heart Now: Something Charming

By Mmadalynne @mmadalynne


Regardless of my relationship status – single, taken, or in an open relationship – I like Valentine’s Day. There’s a whiff in the air this time of year that puts a swag in my step and smile on my face. A feeling of… how do I write this… spending Saturday night (solo or with a partner) at a swanky but quaint restaurant and ordering scallops and red wine. I might even raise my pinky while sipping the crimson juice. I didn’t do exactly that for today, Valentine’s Day, but I did indulge last weekend with two of the above purchases – number one and two. One item I forgot to put in the bag from myself to myself was a box of chocolates. Polka dots, golden key chains, and chocolates. Today is a good day.

1. Control Yourself Polka Dot Slip 2. Traveler Keychain 3. Fox Needlepoint Loafer 4. Les Nereides Ballerina Bracelet

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