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Weekend: Tried and True Patterns Part II

By Mmadalynne @mmadalynne

sunday funday-1The reason I asked how many times it takes to get a pattern to be a TNT is because my bra and undies have reached that point. The concensus from the comments was that three times was the magical number. I’ve made every lingerie pattern that many time plus a boat load more. Do I move on or push them further? I’m even contemplating turning one into a PDF pattern. Tasha wrote a thoughtful comment about her Emery dress (thank you Tasha!). She has a huge Ziploc bag devoted to Emery and has used the bodice pattern over a dozen times, tweaking each for style and fit. Some people get bored making TNTs. I don’t. There is more of an excitement knowing that the final garment is going to fit out and I’ll wear it over and over. I also have more courage to push my skills knowing that the pattern is already in a good spot. So, I’ll be making more of the lingerie you’ve seen, but I’ll be switching it up with fabric and trims as well as eliminating/adding design variations. Stay tuned!

Don’t you worry, I haven’t forgotten about “normal” garment sewing! Along with all the lingerie, I also have a fantastic dress that it coming along quite nicely. I’m taking my time with it and the slow pace has been very enjoyable.


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