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What I Eat For Breakfast

By Shimmerofpink @shimmerofpink
Hellooo shimmers,
I love breakfast, it is one of my favorite meals. I tend to eat the same thing everyday, maybe change the fruit or add in a yogurt.
I have a bowl of porridge; which is super easy to make.
What I Eat For Breakfast
I use 1/3 cup porridge oat and 1 cup milk, then into the microwave for 2mins 30secs. Voila the perfect porridge!
What I Eat For Breakfast
What I Eat For BreakfastThen you could add to the porridge, raspberries, blueberries, bananas, nuts, (syrup!) but I like my porridge plain and then I just eat some fruit on the side, rather than in the porridge.
What I Eat For Breakfast
Some times I will eat a yogurt instead of fruit, or if I don't have much milk or don't want something hot I will  have rice krispies. I'm not a huge fan of milk, I don't mind it in porridge but I just put a little bit in cereal or I will have a yogurt and fruit.
Then I wash it down with a glass of fruit juice, and on the odd occasion a cup of tea (or coffee if i've had a night out!).
What do you eat for breakfast?
Laura x

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