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What Happened to June?!

By Nclark
4th of July already?!!  What happened to June?!  Last month was so busy I feel like I hardly had time to relax.  June was full of my 3 year old's ballet recital, 2 out of state trips, the baby got tubes in her ears, my hubby and I celebrated our 9th wedding anniversary and I had the flu - geez!  Hopefully this month is not so chaotic, we need a break so we can enjoy the weather.
Well, I completely missed out on June's flower - which was the rose.  I think the rose is very appropriate for June since it is a common time for weddings. Interestingly, having a June wedding dates back 2000 years to ancient Roman times!  The Romans would honor the diety Juno; the goddess of marriage and childbirth, on June first. Roses are among the top ten most common flowers used in a wedding. They are quite simply elegant and romantic - the perfect mix for wedding flowers. Roses are also extremely versatile.  You can have a single delicate pink rose or make a statement with an abundance of bright orange roses. 
I am currently working on wedding flowers for a July wedding and I am very pleased with how they are looking.  The bridesmaids will carry a small hand tied bouquet of white calla lilies - another common flower used in weddings.  The bride's bouquet is an elegant hand tied arrangement of white roses and white calla lilies.  Below is one of the bridesmaid's bouquets; all that is missing is the ribbon around the flower stems. The wedding color is Tiffany blue; I can't wait to see how beautiful these bouquet's are against such a brilliant color.

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