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What Hair Colour Suits Your Skin Tone

By Kaidarul @KaiDarul
Beauticians the world over will tell their clients that different skin tones suit different colours of hair. There are certain types of skin tone that simply don't work with specific colours, which can make it necessary to compare your skin tone with the colours on the box before committing. However, there are still certain ways that hair colours can be adjusted to make sure that you get locks you love.
What Hair Colour Suits Your Skin Tone

Black Hair

Black hair is mysterious, alluring, and seductive. For those with lighter hair, going black can be a dramatic appearance change. Black hair is very well-suited to both traditional and modern hair styles, making it extremely versatile for someone who likes to switch it up often. Because black hair doesn't involve bleaching, it's also a great way to change your hair color without damaging your hair. There are also completely natural methods for achieving black hair such as indigo.
Black hair usually comes in two different types: warm and cool. Warm black hair reflects brown tones, and cool black hair reflects in tones of blue. Cool black hair is best suited to cool skin tones, such as pale or pink skin. Warm black hair is best suited to warm skin tones, such as olive and golden skin. Black is a very flexible colour, and there's usually a shade of black that will work for anyone.

Brown Hair

Classy and warm, brown hair can work for almost anyone. There are many shades of brown, from deep mahogany to light ash brown. While it may not seem daring, brown hair can be easily adjusted to suit any type of style. Most people have shades of brown hair, and switching from one shade to another can be a way to get a different look while retaining a perfectly natural appearance. For those with cooler skin tones, medium to dark browns will usually look best. Those with warmer skin tones can usually use anything from a very light brown to a medium brown.

Blonde Hair

Glamorous and lovely, many women want blonde hair but are afraid that it will look strange or unnatural. Blonde hair can be very difficult to achieve for many, and ranges from platinum blonde to rosy, strawberry blonde. Blonde, like black, can be an extremely color neutral color which means there are many ways to make it work for different people. Those with warm skin colours can use a shade of blonde that reflects in gold or yellow. Those with cool skin colours can use shades of blonde that show in silver or ash. Blonde can look unnatural on some people, but unnatural doesn't necessarily mean bad.

Red Hair

Edgy and trendy, red hair has grown in popularity. Red hair can range from a light orange to dark maroon, and most natural red heads are closer to orange than true red. Red hair can be difficult to keep up and the dye fades quite often, so it requires a strong commitment. Red hair in most shades works best with those of a pale, cool complexion. Those with warmer skin tones may find it difficult to find the right shade of red, though darker shades will work better with their skin.
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  -Written by Bree Pedler

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