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What Excites You About the MindMeld API?

By Expectlabs @ExpectLabs

Watch our team talk about what inspires us about our soon-to-be-released developer platform. Join the conversation and tell us what excites you about the MindMeld API by commenting below or tweeting us at @GetMindMeld!


I am really excited that our API is coming out soon. I think it would be really awesome to have this API in my car. I’d love that I would just talk normally and have my car understand what I am doing, what I need, if I’m looking for food, if I need cash. I think it’d be awesome.

I’m most excited to see what kinds of collaboration applications and smart home applications going to be built using the MindMeld API. I could envision a collaboration application where participants are sharing a common document and relevant web content or reference materials are popping up to enrich their collaboration process and to make it more productive. in the smart home, I can envision a situation where family or friends are watching a movie or listening to music and additional information about the artist or actor is popping up at a nearby tablet or smartphone. 

What excites me the most about the MindMeld API are all the different ways in which it’s going to be used. As the developers of the platform, we obviously have a bunch of use cases in mind, like the MindMeld voice assistant iPad app that’s in the App Store now. But the platform we built is so generic in the sense that you feed into the computer all kinds of real-time information and then we build this continuously changing contextual model and bring you relevant information based on the universe of available data sources. So, given the generality of the power of this contextual search engine, I think that we are going to be surprised about some of the ways our customers are going to be using the platform. So I am really eager to find out about all these new kinds of applications that customers build on top of our platform and how the platform itself evolves over time.

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