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What Ever Happened To: Golden Silvers?

Posted on the 23 September 2011 by Outroversion @outroversion

What ever happened to: Golden Silvers?

The Bronze Format

Golden Silvers were part of the NME new music tour that headlined on a bill with Local Natives and Marina and the Diamonds. Their debut album True Romance spawned at least 4 arguably classic indie tracks of the zeroes.

Since then there’s been rumours of solo appearences by frontman Gwilym Gold or that he’s concentrating on promoting his own club night or that he’s revolutionising the music industry with his own invention “Bronze Format“.

Turns out all of those things are true! His debut single “Flash Freeze“, released in May was descibed by NME Reviews Editor Laura Snapes as being “excellent, a million miles away from his alma mater’s irritating, vaudevillian electro“. The actual song, if it can be described as that, is such a nice listen GG’s voice is unique and such a pleasant sound, the music yes… is quite different to Golden Silvers- here’s why…

It was released on the aformentioned Bronze Format of which Gwilym said, “the chances of winning the lottery versus the chances of hearing the same version of the song twice “don’t even compare”“.

With that in mind I’ll try to describe what this format is. The website declares “Bronze is a new non-interactive music format in which recorded material is transformed in real time, generating a unique and constantly evolving interpretation of a song on each listen.“, which is essentially just a bunch of words to those who haven’t used it.

Having experienced the software I’ll try and make sense of it, basically the song “Flash Freeze” doesn’t exist, only the vision of the song. The best comparison is the Ouroboros serpant, it exists but feeds upon itself to become something bigger but essentially the same with the differences being subtle in strength, energy and experiences. This is what the song is, the music, the lyrics, the beat and any reverb all change with each listen.

I love the idea on some levels and that he plans to release a whole album in this format is something very exciting. The only drawbacks are the traditional- There can be no physical copy of the music, even digital copies can (at this time) only be bootlegs of a moment in time. 2011 is a pretty special place to be isn’t it?

Get it if you’ve got a mac or apple related device that is suited to the format and read about it as i don’t know if any of what I said made sense, to be honest nothing makes sense any more! DOWNLOAD.

Here’s a video of Gwilym playing the song live, this is the only version of that song that will ever exist. Weird…

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