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What Does Technical Writing Mean?

By Manjumodiyani @HoshiyaarChaddi
Different people interpret the terms ‘technical writing’ in different ways. To some people, technical writing signifies exigent, strong and very precise text created with reference to intricate subjects, typically pertaining to IT. And yes, that’s what exactly technical writing mean. While others may understand technical writing in context of user guides for sophisticated products, procedural pieces of writing that can be comprehended only by the people with corresponding familiarity; or any text that is indecipherable to those who lack intrinsic understanding about the topic in question.
What does technical writing mean?
Technical communication encompasses all the activities and statements mentioned above.Apart from this, there are a lot more that technical communication covers, stated as follows:
  • Editing services
  • Technical writing
  • Marketing transcript
  • Proposal (RFP) Services
  • Blog Content Writing
  • Blog Content Editing
  • Process Documentation
  • Copywriting
  • Creative Writing
  • Press Releases
  • SEO-Focused Blog and Article
  • Stylistic Review

In fact, technical communication has a broader meaning. It stretches across a broad range of jobs and accounts. And that means technical communication need not always be ‘highly technical’, if at all it is ‘technical’.It can be inferred that technical communication is not imaginative and ingenious in nature. Therefore, non-fiction writings are also considered to be counted under technical writing, given to its specificity related to facts.Technical writing is an illustrative type of communication based on facts and truth. It explains the cause-result relationship. It depicts the facts about events, persons and objects. Therefore, forms of technical communication like press releases or citations containing information pertaining to computer systems etc are backed up with true events and genuineness. It would be correct to say that works of non-fiction authors give all the answers to our ‘how ’and ‘why’.
A traditional recipe can be termed as the purest form of technical writing. It personifies the most primitive type of technical communication in itself. It lists out the basic ingredients of the recipe, subsequently stating how to combine these ingredients and in what proportions, to make an entirely new dish. A traditional recipe is short, snappy and to the point- and it is supposed to be followed word to word.
Exactitude, briefness and correctness are the most important elements of technical writing. These elements make technical writing what it is. Technical writing is all about combining right elements in the right order. When it comes to creative technical writing, it need not be insipid and unintelligible, neither does it need to be limited to statistical projects. It can exhibit facts and particulars in a very artistic manner. One can say that fine technical writing means interesting, definite and clear-cut approach to look for information.
We utilize and depend upon technical communication on a regular basis, than we might imagine. Technical writing is essential to keep things up and working at all times. And we must maintain its qualities of clarity, pertinence and definiteness, which make technical writing what it is. 

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