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What Does Rex Sinquefield Gain By Messing With Kansas City?

Posted on the 29 March 2016 by Morage @kebmebms

So once again, rich, billionaire, St. Louisan Rex Sinquefield tries yet one more time to have Kansas Cititans vote on and, for him, hopefully do away with our 1% city tax.
Donations by Rex Sinquefield in July to support the unsuccessful override of the governor’s veto of HB 253, the tax reform bill.
Here's a guy who's from St. Louis, for pity's sake and a billionaire but he wants to mess with this city across the state, a city he doesn't even live in---and he's already wealthy---yet he has to mess with Kansas City and Kansas Citians and their taxes.
What is his gain in this?
Why doesn't he leave us alone? Why doesn't he leave us all alone?
Is this not one of the best, if not the best example of a wealthy person trying to have his way with the rest of the state, with the middle-, lower- and working-classes, if not the rest of the nation?
Trying to buy the state's next governor  with Catherine Hanaway and the next Lt. Governor as he's been trying to do, I understand. It's still  wrong and deeply so but that I understand.
What he gets,real or imagined, from draining Kansas City's tax coffers, thatI don't get.

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