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What Does It Mean To Be A Book Blogger?

By Theliteraturelion @LiteratureLion
As a book blogger, we have many responsibilities. It may seem like we are just doing this for fun, but there are rules.
Well I shouldn't say rules.
They're more like expectations. Things that all bloggers should follow, but are flexible in some situations.
Being a blogger is much like a job - one that you don't get paid for, you get to freely speak your mind without fear of unemployment, and you do something you love. Okay, maybe that wasn't the best analogy.
What I'm trying to say is that blogging can become a wonderful hobby or lifestyle for some people.
Here are a few thing that I think are required of bloggers.
1. Being a blogger means reading as often as possible.
If you're a book blogger, you're obviously going to read! Many, if not all, book bloggers love to read and consider it a passion of theirs. Notice how this is the number one rule....
2. Being a blogger means being honest.
Everyone wants an honest answer, even if they won't admit it. Authors like seeing how people relate to their book, or how they don't relate to it. If you're an author, you're most likely thick-skinned because they're published. This being said, they can handle some criticism from one of the many hundred people that read their book.
3. Being a blogger means producing creative work.
It seems like lately people don't know how to follow this rule. By producing creative work that means it's unique to you. You sat down and put your own time and effort to read the book and write the review. This clearly does not include plagiarism. It seems like more and more blogs are being tainted by this blogging disease.
4. Being a blogger means knowing boundaries.
You have to know when negative is too harsh. It's good to say the things you dislike in a book in order to give constructive criticism. What is NOT good is saying things like, "Whoever wrote this is an idiot!" or "This writing sucks major monkey butt." Yeah, that is not okay. It's not constructive in any way - it's just rude. Please, know your boundaries.
5. Being a blogger means being dedicated.
Looking around, many of the bloggers around here have been up for about a year. Each and every blogger is a dedicated member of the blogosphere. Not just with their blog, but through Twitter and Facebook they constantly post and engage in conversations.
6. Being a blogger means learning to be organized.
I feel like once I began blogging I became much more organized. This may have just been me, but being a blogger requires decent organization skills. You have to be able to add one more thing to your crazy-like spectrum and balance out blogging/reading time in your life.
7. Being a blogger means being friendly.
Ah yes, the number one rule. No one wants to read a blog of a person who thinks they're better than all the authors, publishers, and every other blogger out there. No one wants to talk to someone who secludes themselves off from other bloggers. Go out there - be friendly!

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