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What Does Healthy Water Do for Your Body?

By Hemapriya Natesan @MyLittleMoppet

For those who claim that you can't live without love, this quote certainly put things in perspective! While we can't deny that a life without love isn't worth living, we can't help but deny the vital role of water in preserving life on the planet. But if you look closer, just any water isn't enough, is it? As humans, we can't be expected to survive on salt water from the sea; healthy water is an absolute requirement!

What does Healthy Water do for your Body?

Now, the term 'healthy water' is probably a little unusual; we often use 'healthy' in terms of food, to differentiate between apples and doughnuts when hunger pangs strike. We often don't think too much about the nutrients in our water, just gulping it down as long as we think it's clean.

However, the water we drink requires careful consideration too, just as much as the food we eat. Since it makes up about 75% of your body composition, it probably matters more than your food! In a nutshell, healthy water is that which is pure, free from germs and full of essential minerals, such as sodium, magnesium and potassium. These minerals are essential for healthy bodies, and a lack can lead to all kinds of deficiencies.

Most natural sources of fresh water contain sufficient amount of minerals, but other sources don't. Excessive filtering or purifying of water can also result in a loss of natural minerals. In some places, the water is then further 'remineralized' to make up for the loss of nutrients. In short, the kind of water purifying process you use is a huge factor in deciding how 'healthy' your water is, which in turn affects the health of your family. Here's a look at
what healthy water does for your body.

What does Healthy Water do for your Body?
    If you've worked out after a break, you've probably experienced muscle cramps. Drinking sufficient water offers good lubrication to the muscle joints and prevents cramp, maintaining good muscle performance.
    Everyone knows water's essential for digestion, but only those who've experienced constipation first hand knows how much! Healthy water ensures that everything moves along smoothly; a high fibre diet alone won't work.
    The essential minerals in healthy water helps to boost your body's immunity, keeping you safe from common illnesses that do the rounds when the weather changes
    Healthy water helps to lower your body's bad cholesterol levels and decreases your blood pressure - both of which directly contribute to better heart health.
    You often hear of electrolyte balance when people have diarrhea or vomiting. This refers to the presence of essential minerals like sodium, potassium, calcium and magnesium in the right amounts - something that is easily achieved with healthy water.
    Enough water helps your kidneys work properly to filter out the waste from your body, and prevents the formation of painful kidney stones.
    Healthy water revitalizes your appearance by keeping your skin supple, moisturized and clear. It's true; healthy water promotes anti-ageing!
    It's not just your skin that will be thankful for drinking properly purified healthy water; your hair will too! Prevent dry, brittle and frizzy hair with enough moisturization from within.
    A good intake of healthy water helps to breaks down toxins in your body, which is why water is such an integral component of various detox programmes and diets. This detoxification results in you feeling great - both within and without!
    Osteoporosis is a real risk for women past their reproductive age, and enough healthy water rich in minerals can prevent it by maintaining bone density. Reduce the pain and inflammation in your joints with water, which is a great lubricant. The minerals in healthy water also contribute to improving joint health.
    Several people swear by the benefits of drinking water for weight loss. Drinking a glass of water before every meal prevents overeating which in turn cuts down your chances of obesity.
    Ever felt crabby without knowing why? You were probably low on hydration! Water is important to improve your mood and is an instant refresher.
    Drinking lots of healthy water is the recommended tip for when you feel fatigued or hungover. Water keeps you alert and focused and makes you better at what you do.

Tips to Ensure Healthy Water for your Family

What does Healthy Water do for your Body?

But how do you ensure that you are providing your family with healthy water? Here are a few tips:

  • The first thing to do is to identify the kind of water you are getting. Is it hard or soft? Is it chlorinated? What is the source? This will tell you exactly what needs to be done to purify it.
  • The next and the most important step is to find a water purifier that is ideal for your needs, and one that is perfect for the water supply in your area. You can do what most Indian families do - go for a reliable Aquaguard water purifier.
  • Once your purifier is installed and functional, make sure that you have safe and clean bottles to hold your water. Avoid cheap plastic bottles that may leach toxic substances into the water.

With Aquaguard, you have the option to go for a customized water filter that will be tailor-made for your needs. You also get the benefits of the very latest technology in water purification, like Mineral Absorption Technology (MAT) and Biotron Technology. These technologies work on magnetizing the water, making it easier for the human body to absorb the nutrients in it and helping you stay more active and healthy. These purifiers also come with patented mineral cartridges that increase the levels of calcium and magnesium in the water.

Before you get a water purifier for your family, do follow these tips to ensure that you get exactly what you're looking for - after all, it's a matter of yours and your family's health!

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