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What Do You Think About "Open Stock" Fabrics?

By Somanycolors
If you've checked out my hand dyes on Etsy, ArtFire or my web site, you've probably noticed that most are one-of-a-kind (OOAK).  Hand dyeing is just so much fun for me that I didn't keep good records on what dyes I used, especially for overdyes.
Now I'm keeping notes on the amount of dye, water, soda ash and the process used for each fabric so that I can very closely replicate the colors. These are listed on the web site as Open Stock. Here's an example:

Orchid Open Stock Fabric

The fabrics on the left are cotton interlock in lengths long enough for purchase. On the top right is an example of the cotton lycra knit and on the bottom right the cotton/modal/lycra knit. I dyed enough of those two fabrics to get photos and to send samples, if requested.
All of the fabrics are listed on the web site. The cotton lycra knit and the cotton/modal/lycra knit have a note next to Availability which reads: "Happy to dye this for you-just send me an email!"
With the raw fabrics and dye on hand, I plan to be able to dye and ship Open Stock within a week. As I discover what colors and fabrics are most popular, I'll start dyeing longer lengths of those fabric types.
What do you think? Should I:
  • dye fewer colors and more lengths of each,
  • or more colors with longer lengths of each of the three fabrics?
 I'd really like to hear your opinion. Thanks!

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