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What Do You Get If You Cross Silverberg's Hawksbill Station with the Wild West?

Posted on the 25 January 2012 by Jimblack78
What do you get if you cross Silverberg's Hawksbill Station with the Wild West?
Justin Gray and Jimmy Palmiotti have made a name for themselves on DC’s Jonah Hex title (now called All-Star Western).  Their brand of hard hitting, pulp style westerns is perfect for that book.  The way the duo are able to write stories filled with great characterization and fast paced plots that tell a complete story in one issue is amazing.  Because of their work on Jonah Hex, I could not wait to read this one shot from Image.
Our lead character is a hit man when the story opens.  He takes down various gang members.  Eventually, they are able to track him down and take revenge.  The government offers to put him in the new witness protection program in exchange for him helping them arrest some of the gang leaders.  He is skeptical that the government can protect him until he is shown the secret of the newly developed protection program.  They have discovered the secret of time travel.  The only catch is that it is a one way trip to the old west.  He takes their offer and begins his new life.
The criminals he put away eventually escape, invade the time travel institute and go after him to get their revenge.  The plan is to kill him and take over the west with their modern weaponry.  Unknown to them, the government retakes the institute and sends back a team to wipe out anyone from the future so that the past will not be contaminated.    A blood bath ensues between our hero, the mob, and the government troops.
Jim Daly does a great job of bringing the story to life.  This is the first time I have seen his work and I will be looking for his art in the future.
Trailblazer is a fun, action packed story that is well worth the effort.  Track it down and experience a pulp style read.

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