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What Do I Have to Be Thankful For?

By Familyfriends @familyfriends_
There have been many different life changing moments in my life, some of greater and some of less importance. 3 years ago we got a phone call just before midnight from our friends who told us in great shock that their 5 year old son died of sudden heart failure, earlier that day, during a family-fun day. Without warning, he left the earth life for heaven. I remember very well the huge shock and the great sadness we felt for our friends, we looked at each other and without saying a word, we went upstairs to our own sleeping children and carried them all three to our bed. We felt such gratitude, blessings and thankfulness for our children. We were silent as we could hear their breath. “I do not care if we lose everything, this is what matters.” I said to Linda. Sam’s death has become one of the greatest awakening moments of my life. Death to me was nothing new after I as the only child lost my mother and stepfather, in Estonia ferry accident in 1994, only 21 years old, my dad 6 years later and my last relative my dear grandmother 2004. But Sam’s death was something else. There are so much joy and gratitude for all of us, we just need to reprogram our minds to see and hear them. But sometimes it’s hard when people around us have, maybe not a negative attitude, but rather an ingratitude, you know exactly what miss but forget what you have and been blessed with.
“But may all who seek you rejoice and be glad in you; may Those who love your salvation always say, Let God be exalted!” Psalm 70:4
What do I have to be thankful for?As a Christian, gratitude and thankfulness is one of the most important thing we can be, Jesus died for us. He came to give us a Life in abundance and not Things in abundance, which I think we often mixup. Today’s picture of gratitude and happiness is to get more things, more travel, more, more, more. But Jesus came to give us life in a completely different level. I’ve decided that I will commit myself every day to find something that I’m grateful, thankful and joyful for. It’s time to tune in every senses in me and start to to look for gratitude instead of obstacles. Gratitude and joy instead of distrust and envy. Gratitude rather than dissatisfaction. Today I am grateful for the sunshine, the sun in Scotland has for some time now been hidden behind the rainy clouds.

30 days.

During the next 30 days I will every day tell myself what I am grateful, thankful and joyful for. Do you want to join the challenge? If you want to follow my journey of gratitude, thankfulness and joyfulness for 30 days, you do so by following me on Twitter @johanoden or like Family & Friends on our Facebook page

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