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I Say a Little Prayer for You

By Familyfriends @familyfriends_

Do you know that you by saying a simple little prayer can be part of saving a marriage and a family today!

Do you know that your Faith in a big great ever lasting eternal God can save a marriage and a family from falling apart?

Do you know that by your choice to stop what you do for a moment and pray for a breakthrough healing or restoration in a friend’s, a neighbor’s a sister’s a colleague’s life can be their hearts answer! That prayer can bring new strength and power for that person to stay on track and walk the walk of forgiveness. That prayer can help that person to wait for God through Jesus Christ and by the Hoy Spirit to do what is impossible for man but possible for God in that person’s life.

Do you know that you with your faith can be changing lives today!?

Let’s spread some life-changing faith today!

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