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What Can I Give You This Christmas?

By Alternativeeden @markngaz

If choosing what type of tree to go for this year is proving tricky at the moment, even more so are what presents do we give each other for Christmas. On paper and in theory that shouldn't be so difficult but in reality it is. As adults anything that is wanted tends to be acquired at any point of the year so figuring out something unique for each other for Christmas is always a baffle.

What Can I Give You This Christmas?

A shopping day in London

Especially this year when Gaz put in a restriction saying:

No gardening related Christmas presents this year. And it must look good under the tree.

Oh dear, the question just became more difficult to answer...

Thinking through possible options made me also reminisce some of the more unique, gardening related items that were wrapped and made it 'under the tree' in previous Christmas like:

A pickaxe (that was good fun to unwrap but alas we lost all photos of that event!)
A concrete Japanese lantern
Self made nursery vouchers
Plastic dogs

What Can I Give You This Christmas?

There were plastic dogs inside that box

As well as more conventional ones like countless gardening books, DVD's, and hand tools.

So nothing for the garden then, hmmm...

And to think that asking for a large glazed vase crossed my mind (like the ones at Kuzma garden). A small two seater bistro set and an external aquarium filter to be used in the new shed were considered too. All of them out of the equation now.

What Can I Give You This Christmas?

A fabulous vase at the Kuzma Garden

Never mind. With most of our hobbies centred around plants and the garden to remove options that pertains to them is to do something unique. Quite exciting really!
We'll figure something out, we always do. Sweet dilemmas...

I'll leave you with this Christmas song. Cheesy, schmaltzy, but hey it is Christmas!

Hopefully you're having a much easier task figuring out what presents to give to your loved ones. If not then we emphatise!

Mark :-)

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