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What Brands Can Learn About Content Marketing From Disney

Posted on the 17 July 2013 by Scotcombs @3rdplanetmedia

3rd Planet Content Marketing 3“The execution of content marketing through mobile applications, content hubs, video, contests and social media makes tech headlines, but at its core, content marketing hinges on storytelling. And no company has delivered on storytelling quite like Disney. Based on sentiment alone it’s safe to say that Disney is this century’s best-known producer of engaging and long-lasting content that is unflaggingly on-brand.

Disney’s story begins in 1923 when it was founded by brothers Walt and Roy Disney. What began as the Disney Brothers Studio company, which churned out original cartoon programming, in decades since has morphed into the Disney of today: media conglomerate and iconic brand. Built on a foundation of strong culture, creativity and engaging experiences, many families know the Disney experience as a childhood right of passage.

Disney is now the world’s largest media company in terms of valuation. As such, it’s fitting that the storytelling powerhouse serve as prime example of what’s possible when decades of content meets marketing innovation.” More>>>

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