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What ‘Being in the Present Moment’ Really Means

By Soulthriller

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These days there is no scarcity of meditation teachers that will tell you not to think about the future or they will say that you should completely ignore it, at least during meditation. However, this is not what Buddha taught according to the Pali Canon.

The Buddha made it clear that actions have both short-term consequences and long-term consequences. That is why the Buddha instructs Rahula (his son) to constantly evaluate his actions before doing them, while doing them, and after doing them.

The purpose of ‘being in the present moment’ during meditation is not to set up a pleasant chillout zone where you can relax. Rather, being in that moment of is-ness we form our intentions in that present moment of existence. Our intentions are the foundation of our actions…remember that all thought is creative and our thoughts shape our reality. If our mind is lost somewhere else, fantasizing about imaginal realities then we aren’t able to watch our intentions as they form, and as a result we don’t have as much control in the shaping of our lives as we would like to.

The primary reason you stay in the present moment is to watch your mental actions and intentions as they form and to examine if they are skillful or unskillful and if they lead to harmful or harmless consequences. Those consequences may be immediate or they may be long-term well in to the future. Try not to ignore the future but also be mindful to not get lost in fantasizing about it either.

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