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What Are You Shooting With?

By Holly Higbee-Jansen @hhjphoto

When I think about all the cameras I have had in my life, the one that always comes to mind is the Swinger, the Polaroid Swinger. Do you remember that advertisement with the California couple swinging that camera and looking soooo cool?

As an impressionable kid, the only problem with that ad was it made me think that you were supposed to swing that camera around like a bowling ball... oops it hit the wall, oops it hit the table, oops hit the car, oops... Those days fooling with those cameras and set up a lifelong love of photography and I'm forever thankful for it. Here's the original Polaroid Swinger commercial! Amazing what you can find on YouTube these days!

Now my camera of choice is the Olympus olympus om-d e-m5 . Funny name, fantastic camera. After spending years hauling around full size SLR cameras with the lenses and tripods to match, this camera is a joy. Small, lightweight and compact with full features and the ability to go anywhere. I'm even shooting portraits with this camera and getting amazing results.

And my other camera of choice... More on this later.

Holly Higbee-Jansen has been exploring her fascination with light through photography since she was a young child. Holly teaches landscape photography, is a personal guide forJansen Photo Expeditions, and runs a successful glamour photography business, Natural Light Photography. Sign up to receive our free newsletter at [email protected].

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