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What Are The Different Types Of Desk Grommets

Posted on the 17 October 2019 by Tracy Ashley @stella_jea

What Are The Different Types Of Desk Grommets

Grommets are generally used to protect wires or cables from scratches, dust, chemical attacks etc. They can be found in offices, laboratories, health clinics and many more. There are 4 types of materials are used to make desk grommets. They include plastic, metal, stainless steel, aluminum and wood.

Plastic Desk Cable Grommets
Plastic grommets are generally light in weight and cost-effective. These grommets are available in different sizes, shapes and styles. They come with a matte or metallic finish. These grommets are mostly used for countertops and conference tables. The metallic or matte finish always gives a classy and elegant look. Apart from that, they require very low maintenance. High-quality plastic materials are durable and very long-lasting.

Metal Brush Grommets
Metal brush grommets have become very popular because of their extreme durability and strength. These grommets are also known as brush lined grommets. The high-quality brushes always offer protection against scratches, dust, grim etc. Undoubtedly, metal grommets are very durable as compared to plastic grommets and also they are a little bit heavier. Some common types of metals grommets are matte nickel grommet, brass grommet, copper grommet, bronze grommet, brushed steel grommet, nickel grommet etc. Metal desk grommets are highly scratch resistant and give protection from chemical attacks. They are mostly used in laboratories, health clinics etc.

Stainless Steel Grommets 
As the name implies, these grommets are made of stainless steel. They are extremely durable and have high strength. These cable grommets are quite similar to metal grommets. They are highly scratch resistant and protect wires and cables from all kinds of chemical attacks. These grommets also require very low maintenance. Stainless steel grommets are generally used in both commercial and residential areas such as clinics, chemical laboratories, hospitals, offices, factories etc. They are available in several types of shapes and sizes.

Aluminium Cable Grommets
Aluminium cable grommets have become very popular because of their cost-effectiveness. They are also very strong and sturdy. These grommets are very unique, attractive and resist corrosion. They are more durable in comparison to stainless steel grommets. Apart from that, they are very light in weight as compared to metal grommets. Aluminium grommets require very low maintenance.

Wooden Grommets
If you want to install a stylish grommet on your office desk then a wooden grommet is the best option to choose. These grommets are generally made of maple or oak wood. They give an elegant and natural look to your desk. However, they are not so much durable as compared to aluminum or steel grommets.

So, what are you looking for? All grommets have several advantages. They are durable, long-lasting and require very low maintenance. They are very easy to install and ideal for commercial and residential purposes.

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