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What a Weekend!!!

Posted on the 05 March 2013 by Steveonline @steve_online

IMG 20130305 091018 What a weekend!!!

I’m still reeling from the killer weekend we had with our baby girl Alyssa. It started Thursday night with a double-grandpa quiet dinner and ended Saturday with a 25+ person party at our house to celebrate with friends and family. I have to say, we know a great bunch of diverse people and I’m glad they were all included in Alyssa’s special moment of turning 1.

1, yeah.. Holy cow where did that first year go??? It’s been one heck of a ride both good and bad along the way both personally and professionally for 2012 and the start of 2013. Most important, Alyssa has a good time.. ALL THE TIME!! Shielding your kids from life to me is an important task. Too many kids today know way too much about whats going on and they’re jaded before there young adults let alone real adults. I’ll try my best as the years go by for that not to happen.

IMG 20130305 091018 What a weekend!!!

5 foot tall Hello Kitty balloon

The party theme was Hello Kitty and it was wild. From the decorations, the 5 foot tall Hello Kitty balloon, her outfit for the day, and the cake. All Hello Kitty. I’ve got a sneaking suspicion I’m going to need another kid to have those NFL and NBA themed parties I’ve always dreamed about throwing for a kid

icon smile What a weekend!!!
Hey it is what it is.

Next year maybe we do Barbie, or Little Mermaid.. WHO KNOWS! I don’t pick these things, I purely roll with the punches and do the best I can to help make things happen. 100% of the planning credit goes to Mommy for without her none of this would have happened. If I planned it all, 5-7 people called an hour before and leftovers from the fridge last minute. Ok. Maybe not THAT bad but you get the picture. Kim’s work is invaluable when any serious planning needs to take place with the house and family.

Alyssa’s friends and family were all extremely generous to her and she was showered in gifts. It reminded me of Dom DeLuise and his Treasure Bath from History of the World. We now have an army of Fisher Price Little People including Princess Castle, Zoo, Farm, Pirate Ship, Airplanes and Choppers, Carnival, it goes on and on. We literally went to IKEA over the weekend to find some inexpensive storage solutions because we can’t even get to her crib with the toys all over the floor. Need to make space!

She is a full on walker now. That video I posted the other week of her walking is just a distant memory. Now it’s full on dominate strides and confident movement with or without objects in her hands or dragging behind her! Her doctors visit on Friday was perfect and she’s in the 96 to 99th percentiles for all of the important stuff. Amazon girl all the way right now. Time to teach her early the art of pro-wrestling so she can make a nice career for herself as a WWE Diva and empower other chickies down the road haha.

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