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What a Pencil Can Teach a Coach

By Meachrm @BaseballBTYard

Learning from a pencil has been around for quite a while.  Of course, the same principles would apply to coaches and baseball coaches alike.  Here they are if you have never seen them.

Who knew pencils were so smart?

Who knew pencils were so smart?


Learning from a pencil

1. Everything you do leaves a mark.  As a coach, never forget that your interaction with your young players goes far beyond baseball.  For many kids, sports is their only chance to learn discipline, work ethic, grit, teamwork, and to properly handle adversity.  Don’t take that responsibility lightly.

2. You can always correct your mistakes.  Coaches are people too.  We make mistakes just like the players.  Accept that you are not perfect and understand that it isn’t the mistakes that makes the person.  It’s the response to them is what counts.

3. What is important is what’s inside.  Get to know your players.  Who they are as people is not found in a batting average or ERA.  You have to take the time to dig under the surface.  As a coach, your character and integrity will ultimately decide your success in the long run, not wins.

4. You will need sharpening along the way.  In life and in baseball, many of those sharpenings will be painful.  However, like the pencil, those shapenings will make you more effective.

5.  Allow yourself to be held and guided.  Nobody has all the answers.  Be humble and understand there is always more we can learn about the game.  Failing to know something is not a weakness.  Not having the humility to ask someone for help is.

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