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What a Night That Was! 1968...

By Ashleylister @ashleylister
Now I have a poem that I wrote, possibly, in 1968,  after attending a competition to choose a top pop group. This event took place over 3 or 4 Saturday evenings at Aberdeen Beach Ballroom. I think I attended each one, and therefore required a new outfit for each event.
My choice at this period of time was an A-line mini  dress. I certainly remember two of those outfits.
One I made in a linen look cotton. It had bell sleeves. The fabric was psychedelic...huge flowers of various hues, in yellow, orange , pink and green. Under the lights of the ballroom some of the flowers completely changed color and almost "glowed". Another dress I recall was made from a shiny bronze coloured fabric dotted with subtle flowers, but the reverse was brushed giving it a warm feel.
We danced from 8pm till gone 2 in the morning, then collecting our coats from the cloakroom, in a happy group we walked the six miles home to the suburbs.
Happy days...and still remembered...
What a night that was! 1968...
The pattern above was found in a charity shop in 2014 and I've used it frequently.
Silhouetted figures on the background of blue moved  to and fro with the rhythm from the group. I felt myself slowly slipping  into a trance and everything moved with a frenzy of feelings  and emotions. Then I finally went under into the swirl of rhythmic bodies. Music pulsating to my brain.
Gardens where flowers bloomed were all around me. I plucked a rose from a tender bough, And breathed in its sweet perfume. Then I took a daisy from among the deep, green grass. And pulling out its petals, I cried.. " He loves me-- He loves me not,   He loves me--He loves me not, He loves me--He loves me ! HE LOVES ME !
Silhouetted figures on the background of blue wavered to and fro with the rhythm  of the group. Hands reached out to help me to my feet , But I laughed and sang out above the music -- " He loves me !                    He loves me !" 
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