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Wet/Dry Vote and a Glass of Wine

By Accidentalxpert @AccidentalXpert
Living as a Christian is hard. Especially with all the things out in the world that the devil disguises himself with. It might be a pretty lady who never nags like your wife does. It might be a handsome smile from a man who makes time for you while your husband is swamped with work. It might be that little bit of pot you smoked to forget about your problems for a while. It might be the whiskey you drink to fall asleep faster at night.
I have been guilty of almost every one of these things. But I'm still a Christian. I fail God every single day.
I take spells that I live closer then other times. I'll wear nothing but dresses. I'll keep my tattoos covered. I'll not drink a drop. I'll not slip the occasional 5$ word and I'll attend church often. During these times my life will significantly take a turn for the better. Everything will sorda fall into place beautifully. And then, I get tired of living this straight and narrow way and slip and have a glass of wine. Slip and cuss like a sailor. Lay out of church for weeks at a time. Sure as I'm sitting here my life begins a downward spiral.
Watching this county and our residents attack each other over this wet/dry vote has absolutely broken my heart.
I display a "vote no" sign. Not because I'm perfect. Not because I never ever slip and have the occasional drink. Not because I go to Church and am better then anyone else.
I think God gives each of us different convictions. Some of us wear dresses every single day and that pleases Him. That was their own personal conviction. Some of us send our children to Christian School or Home school. That's our own personal conviction and it pleases Him. Some of us pray before every single meal.
It was my conviction to vote no. And it will please Him. Two weeks Down the road I'll probably slip and have that glass of wine and He will be disappointed in me.
If you vote Yes you are no less of a Christian then me. You could be the one that prays before every meal. You could be the one who would never consider a tattoo. You could be the one who says your prayers before bed like clock work. Voting Yes will disappoint God but he won't disown you. He won't disown any of us as long as we continue to try live for Him.
Vote No. Vote Yes. You vote anyway you want. Just remember in the end that it's God in control of how this county will progress or not.
If we all prayed about our county as much as we have talked about each other's opinions the last month I imagine we'd see some stuff happen around here.

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