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West Memorial - Honoring The Brave

Posted on the 26 April 2013 by Jobsanger
West Memorial - Honoring The Brave There was a memorial service for the brave first responders who lost their lives in West, Texas. The president was there, and here's some of what he said:
"America needs towns like West. That's what makes this country great, towns like West."
"This small town's family is bigger now, it extends beyond the boundaries of West." 
"We are here to say you are not alone, you are not forgotten."
"We'll be there even after the cameras leave and after the attention turns elsewhere. Your country will remain ever ready to help you rebuild and reclaim your community."
But the most moving tribute I've read came from my friend Jackiesue, who writes the blog Yellowdog Granny. She is a resident of West, and she wrote:
So I'm sitting here watching the live feed ...watching all the people of Texas and all parts of the country come pay their respects to the brave citizens of West, Texas. Then my mind started turning ...I'm looking at the coffins, and thinking of the people in them. I'm thinking of the families..not how they are mourning them today and will for  the coming years. I'm thinking of the birthdays, anniversary's, football games, graduations, weddings, and more celebratory events they won't be here for. Because they were a first responder.
We will miss them for a year or two, and will celebrate their bravery every year but the loss is greater than just one day or a year..Because they were a first responder. It's many lives and life times. Each  death touches so many hearts and lives. A baby  will be born without every knowing it's Dad, that sweet young man will never hold that baby, kiss his wife in gratitude and love for making him a Dad..Because he was a first responder. And he would have been a Dad, not just a father. Because he was a good man. 
They were all good men and they will be remembered for not just the heroic's they showed that night, but for the life they lived right up until that moment. Because they were first responders. Daughters will go to Father Daughter dances with a beloved Uncle. Son's will win trophy's in sports with out their Dad there to cheer them on. Because they were first responders. Wives will remember each anniversary and picture in her heart how they were when they got married but he won't be there because he was a first responder. Fathers and Mothers will age and lament that sons shouldn't die before the parents, that they should have gone first, but their sons  were first responders. West, Texas will continue to live and live their lives, but  for only one reason...the first responders, never hesitated, did not shirk their duty..because they were first responders.

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