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Wereldkerstcircus in Amsterdam

By Amsterdam City Tours

Wereldkerstcircus in Amsterdam

Lions and horses and clowns – oh my! This year’s Christmas season will be like no other at Amsterdam’s Theater Carre. With their annual Wereldkerstcircus, the capital’s performance landmark promises holiday entertainment like you’ve never seen before – and you’re sure to never forget.

From 22 December to 8 January, clowns, jugglers, ice skaters and trapeze artists hailed as the best in the world will will unite with headliner Bello Nock. Recipient of the Oscar of the circus world, the 2011 Golden Clown award, the famous American clown is well-known for his intimate displays of death-defying drama.

“His performances are dangerous,â€� says Ringling Brothers ringmaster Tyron McFarlan of Bello’s repertoire. “But he also adds a comedic spin, which proves to be something that draws audience members in. He adds a flair of excitement.â€�

Since Bello’s debut in Amsterdam three years ago, he has racked up over 40 million fans worldwide. He is sure to entrance even more this year, especially with the help of another world famous circus star: Martin Lacy.

Wereldkerstcircus in Amsterdam

Known as the greatest animal trainer in the world, Lacy is bringing his famous felines to Carre’s center stage. Nowhere else in Amsterdam can you get up close and personal with such exotic beasts. “I come with the greatest lion number in the world this time, with sixteen lions in Carre,â€� says Lacy. His animal act will be joined by horse masters from the great Chinese State Circus. Their dazzling displays of acrobatic prowess and physical agility have earned them a worldwide following.

With this global troupe of talent, Carre’s Wereldkerstcircus is set to impress. But, this year’s show is also a celebration of a very special anniversary. It is a tribute to the theater’s founder, Oscar Carre who passed away one hundred years ago.

The Carre family, a Franco-Germany riding troupe of European fame, first performed in Amsterdam in 1863. It was their popularity that led to the establishment of Theater Carre as a mainstay for some of the most spectacular circus acts the Netherlands had ever seen. That tradition continues today with the 2011 Wereldkerstcircus.

Wereldkerstcircus in Amsterdam

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