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Wendy Davis Proves It All Starts With One

Posted on the 26 June 2013 by Polliticstoday @polliticstoday

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Today, yes after midnight, we have gotten news that the restrictive abortion bill in Texas (otherwise known as SB 5) has passed into law.  Days like this, much like the Wisconsin protests and subsequent recall election, makes you question why you get involved in politics.

Sometimes I question it too.  This is such a small blog that I cannot speak for anyone but myself.  I can’t start change.  I can’t make you guys want to fight for every single belief that I have and I know people have questioned some of the posts I have made.

But then I see someone like Wendy Davis speak up.  Wendy Davis was known only to her constituents and diehard political followers.  I knew of her as the other rising star in Texas alongside Julian Castro but my knowledge of her was fairly thin otherwise.

Today I saw people who do not follow politics that closely, or at all for that matter, talk about a state senator from a state they never resided in.  I saw girls I went to high school with (even further back than that!) talk and cheer on someone who they might tell their children about.

Maybe that won’t happen at all, maybe Wendy Davis’s star (which is a supernova at this moment) will gradually fade and some of the hype will wear off.  Given our short national attention span (Congressman Sanford.), anything can happen in politics and if tonight is any indication; anything will happen.

To all of those who went to the Texas Senate today, and some of you are likely being arrested or escorted, you did not waste a minute of your time regardless of what detractors will say.  You all stood up for something you believed was unjust and dammit, they heard your voices.

Wendy Davis and the state of Texas reinforced my belief in politics.  Unfortunately its  not always successful but that movement was powerful.  The 13 hours since Davis began filibustering, only to be shut out on an extreme technicality, were something that has rarely been seen in our political system.

Wendy Davis begin the day out as one voice.  She was joined by thousands (if not more) on social media, in the legislature and throughout the country.  No one is alone now in their beliefs, and if tonight didn’t prove it; nothing will.

It all starts with one.  Tomorrow someone else will step up and be joined by many.  But for ANYTHING to happen, it has to begin with someone.


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