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Well Well Weleda!

By Hollysbeautybox @hollysbeautybox
Hey everyone!
Hope you're all fandabidozy -- MY GOD i haven't said that in years!
Anyways! You know how you see a brand for ages, and you always swither about trying it, but then don't, then wish you had, then when you see it again, you still dont buy it? I did that with Weleda.
Everytime i see Weleda, i look through their products, pick them up, have a read of them, smell them, then put them back on the shelf, not because i don't want to buy them - i do! but nothing really grabs me by the throat and screams BUY ME!
So i thought i would put the two products i was sent on a sequin background to excite you all more. Or maybe just to excite me more.
Well Well Weleda! 
Oooh pretty!
I have the Citrus creamy body wash and the citrus refreshing body oil. 
Both of these smell really lemony and zesty, which i really like because when im in the shower i like to feel fresh ( FRESSSSH AAAHHH - sing it like its Queen Flash AHHH, yeah makes sense to me!).
When i put the body wash on, i feel like doing the herbal essences advert thing, but i do manage to refrain myself from doing this. 
The body wash is creamy and lathery which i like, and it smells lovely like i mentioned. The body oil is just that, a body oil. I dont feel greasy or plaahhh when i put this on so thats a bonus because normally i dislike oils of any sort.
I would repurchase the creamy body wash again, maaaaybe not the body oil, i might save that for the next time someone gives me a massage. The next time being the first time haha!
Have you tried Weleda products? what did you think of them?

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